Specialised Services and Products 

Aquaculture Consultants for new and existing facilities, Concept to Commissioning

Finfish, Prawns, Abalone & Seaweed Consultancies

Project/Construction, Management.  Aquaculture Operations
Engineering/ Professional consultancy
Preparation Guidelines - Aquaculture (Government Authorities) 
Investigative and Scoping Reports - Feasibility Studies 

Aquaculture Real Estate Investment Guidance 

Environmental Reports (EMP)
Strategic Planning, Business Evaluation, Financial Analysis and Due Diligence

Production Assessments, Audits  

Preparation Standard Operational Programs (SOP)
Legal, Regulatory, Permitting, and Litigation Advice 

Fish Farming Systems Consultancies

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
Cages operations
Pond farming
  Flow Thru systems
Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and Waste Reduction Technologies 

Fish Culture Workshops, Presentations, and Seminars
Wild Fishery Characterization and Dynamics 

Caged Aquaculture - Operations Freshwater and Marine environments

Fish Hatcheries Design and Commissioning

Aquaculture Farm Operational Management Training

Aquaculture equipment manufacture and sourcing 

Relief management - Liquation management

Technical Writing and Technical Editing

Fish Oil, Fish Meal and Feed production

Cool room, processing facility design

Algae Production Technologies

Value adding facilities