Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser

Membrane:Adopted the EPDM/Silicone to melt.
It can restrain the ageing effectively of the membrane,
and protract the using life over 8 years.
Slit Hole :Adopted the "^" shaped for perforating to prevent adverse of waste water effectively and the bubb

Tube Membrane Diffusers

Non-buoyancy aeration tube design. EPDM/ SILICONE/ TPU membrane adoption.
ABS tube diffuser support and air intake.
Germany SS304 clamps are fixed on the aeration tube membrane.

Plate fine bubble aerator

Flooded plate made of environmental friendly polypropylene with fiberglass.
Simple and fast installation with use of grommet or saddle for DN90,
110 and 114 tube Compatiblility with other systems